We offer a full Video Gait Analysis  to ensure the correct fit, level of cushioning and structure of shoe to minimise the risk of injury
A one stop shop for running Footwear, Clothing, Accessories, Hi-Viz gear, Watches, Heart-rate monitors and GPS watches for running and triathlon
The Ugly side of sport...we stock a full range of rehabilitation supplies from Zinc oxide and K-Tape, Supports, Aquajoggers, Orthopaedic insoles, Cushioned insoles, Foam rollers and much more
Links with Physio Form Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic who treat and rehab you back to the sport you love!
Expert advice on products and product selection from our highly experienced and well trained staff
Video Gait Analysis for selecting footwear is available as a walk-in service in-store every day, although we always recommend booking your appointment to avoid waiting at busy periods. Contact Us to book yours now