The day before make sure you have everything planned:

1. What to wear - plan down to the last detail and get everything out ready, e.g.

  • base layers
  • which socks
  • lucky underwear
  • hat or cap
  • sunglasses
  • sweat band
  • gloves
  • shorts or tights
  • vest or t shirt
  • shoes
  • watch

2. What to take - plan down to the last detail and get everything out ready, e.g.

  • money or card for shopping at the Running Form stand
  • tissues (especially useful if there's no loo paper)
  • safety pins (pin number on vest if you have it)
  • blister plasters
  • anti-chafing Vaseline or similar
  • spare socks 
  • phone
  • remember, headphones /MP3 players are banned
  • over trousers and/or jacket
  • drink for before the race
  • waist belt or hand held hydration pack for during the race
  • gel or food for before and after

3. How are you getting there and who holds the coats, e.g.

  • Plan to get there at least an hour before the start. This allows time for pre-race selfie, warming up, toilet queue, last minute general dithering (e.g.whether to wear a hat or not) and second toilet queue.
  • Are you getting a lift?...Is everyone in the car reliably going to be ready on time?!
  • Where will you park?
  • Are you leaving stuff in the car, if not where will it be during the race?
  • Arrange a meeting point if needed for friends, spectators and family members in the fun run, before and after the race

Bordering on neurosis? If it is all planned you can relax and have a great race!

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