After a few mundane weeks the last seven days have been a bit more interesting in terms of running.  With the shock to my body racing at Prestwold last Sunday the training intensity has ramped up and it's felt good to get another decent weekly volume of running in my legs. 

Monday was a typical start to a week but the usual recovery runs before making a long overdue return to the Notts club session, which coincidentally my last session turned out to be  June 2018.  It certainly was a shock to the system and I think it was as close as I could possibly get to vomiting without actually seeing the contents of my stomach making an appearance! I switched my long run to Thursday this week as it was easier logistically but this also meant that I had some company with my hill session on Sunday, always nice!  With the recent warm weather I chose to try out my On running vest for the first time during Thursday's long run.  I have to say, like the t-shirt, it's extremely light, very comfortable and I can't wait to wear it again! 

The temperature also ramped up on Saturday so had to resort to an old trick of soaking my t-shirt in cold water before putting it on for Satruday's evening run.  The idea is to help keep your heart rate down in the heat, 40 minutes later though my t-shirt had dried out!

This week I have also taken delivery of my England kit for what I'll be wearing on marathon day in October.  It was also Theo's school summer fair on Saturday and after winning on the junior version of the Strongman game he was able to select a prize of his choice.  As it turned out he chose a couple of St Georges cross flags, something for him and Zack to wave up in York at least!

The highlight of the week though has to be the fact that Theo has learnt to ride his bike!!!  After months of trying to teach him he took it upon himself on Saturday evening to pick up his bike and start pedalling after asking me to help him get on it, another milestone in life achieved and a couple of proud parents watching him zoom around the back garden with Zack chasing after him on his balance bike!  

The intensity of training for the week ahead continues to be fairly high, a return to the club session again on Tuesday before getting myself ready for the Ashbourne half marathon on Sunday.


This weeks training (click here for the link to my Strava profile) 

  am pm
Monday 40 minutes to heart rate 40 minutes to heart rate
Tuesday 40 minutes to heart rate

Notts AC Club Session

warm up

1 x 1200 (5k pace), 3 x 1k (pace pick up last 200m), 2 x 800 (3k pace)

Wednesday 40 minutes to heart rate 40 minutes to heart rate

Long Run

5 miles in 34:02, 5 miles in 32:51, 

5 miles in 31:52,5 miles in 30:23

cool down

21.2 miles in total




Friday 40 minutes to heart rate 40 minutes to heart rate
Saturday 40 minutes to heart rate

40 minutes wet t-shirt run


90 minutes hilly run,

working the inclines and ease back on the declines

13.4 miles in total

40 minutes to heart rate

Total miles for the week:- 97.4 miles

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