After some much needed down time normal training has resumed. 

The first couple of weeks have been low intensity running, sticking to heart rate which has been much harder to stick to this time round.  Having been given the instructions to keep my heart rate less than 130 I've been finding it difficult to run with a comfortable rhythm on the road I did the majority of the runs on the treadmill with the occasional road run to check for progress.  I found that I could run quicker on the treadmill without my heart rate raising above 130bpm, and despite the boredom I was running far more comfortably so until my heart rate settled relative to pace I confined myself to our garage.  Nothing much to report really other than a mix of 40 minute or 60 minute runs to heart rate which meant a couple of weeks of low intensity, relatively high volume of running where I just had to knuckle down and get through the process.  After 10 or 11 days though I was able to get back to the great outdoors!!  

Fortunately long runs haven't been heart rate restricted, as long as I was sensible! Up until I'd ran any long runs I'd been feeling very sluggish so getting a couple of decent 2 hour runs completed was fully appreciated by my legs and lungs.  Whether it's my age or simply how my body responds, it seems to take a good 10 miles before I start to feel comfortable whilst running!

This weekend was the Prestwold 10k and with little speed work in my legs besides a couple of mini hill sessions expectations weren't high but it was used to set a base marker for current fitness levels.  The highlight of the morning though was the fact that the fun run took place before the main race, which meant I was able to join Madelaine and the boys for the 1 mile event, our friend Emma and daughter Isla also took part and all three of them had a great time!  They even had a chance to pose for their own podium photo, even if they finished outside the top 3!  For the main 10k race I crossed the finish line in 7th place with a time of 34:28, which was roughly what I thought I'd run so at least I'm in tune with my body!

With the main marathon build up due to start, plans are in place to hopefully achieve a successful result come October 20th.  Looking ahead we've got another family holiday planned for Cyprus, luckily I've found a local gym to join for some air conditioned treadmill running to keep up the double run days.  A week of training has also been booked after somehow permission being granted from my better half for a week in Spain on my own in September.  For now though I've got a couple of weeks to find some speed to race at the Ashbourne half marathon, which is a British Masters Championship race this year.

This weeks training

  am pm
Monday 40 minutes to heart rate 40 minutes to heart rate

Short Hill Reps

15 seconds hard effort

40 minutes to heart rate

Long Run

2 hours averaging 6:26 min/mile




Overspeed Downhill Reps

250m downhill running

40 minutes to heart rate
Friday 40 minutes to heart rate 40 minutes to heart rate

Aerobic run with strides

8 miles at 6:14 min/mile with 10 x 100 strides



Sunday Prestwold 10k Race including 1 mile fun run pre race Easy 10k

Total Weekly Mileage - 92.3 miles


Tony Woodward

Tony Woodward

Hi Debs, glad you've found it interesting! Double days are great for getting the volume in without breaking down your body as much as doing the same volume in during one run. Heart rate training takes a while to get used to but helps you train at your current fitness and not what you think your fitness level is as these can be very different! See you in Ashbourne, looks like a tough course!

Deb Gilman

Deb Gilman

Thank you for sharing your training Tony. You've made me rethink double day training and running to heart rate. Not tried downhill running, but have heard it has great benefits. I'll see you in Ashbourne, but you'll be waiting along time for me to finish! Using it for training. Debs

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