Another week has flown by which culminated with the British Masters half marathon championships at Ashbourne on Sunday.  Plenty of low intensity running with another tough Notts club session on Tuesday and a fairly intense treadmill session on Thursday morning has meant by legs have started to wake up again!  I'm starting to feel my fitness levels are improving and this is supported with my heart rate variability (HRV) and chronic training load (CTL) scores both continuing to steadily increase  Never a bad sign!

With feeling fitter I was keen to put in a good performance at Ashbourne and being a British Masters championship race I was hopeful of getting in the medals.  As this was my first BMAF event I hadn't realised the entry process was different so I'd inadvertently entered the race but not the BMAF championships.  After a couple of emails and phone calls on Friday I was able to sort out the logistics and make sure I was correctly entered, panic over though and all sorted, at least I know the correct process for next time!

Having not raced at Ashbourne before I'd done some research into the course profile, and it looked challenging to say the least.  It's certainly an undulating course with a couple of brutal climbs but once these are out of the way it the route looked fairly flat from 7.5 miles.  The race place then was to get to this point in one piece and trying a pick the pace up for a fast finish. 

Onto the race itself...  the first 3 miles ticked by fairly swiftly in around 16:40 but it was around this point that Gareth Lowe the eventual race winner started to pull away from me.  Knowing what was to come with the hills I decided it would have been suicidal to try and surge so early with him so I stuck to my race plan of getting the hills out the way without killing myself and I was confident I'd catch him back up eventually.  By this time though there was a clear gap between myself and third place so I was essentially running hard on my own again. 

The course runs through the Peak District and is brutal but beautiful so at least I could appreciate the scenery!  First of the steep climbs out of the way and I was thinking "ah that wasn't so bad" but by mile 6 my legs were starting to feel the effects of the first ascent and the second, steeper climb hadn't even begun!  Gareth was still in sight but what goes up must come down and despite picking the pace up I was loosing ground.

Around 10 miles there's a long flat section to a turnaround point and by this time Gareth had a very healthy lead, as was the gap between myself and third and forth place who were level pegging.  The final 5k was uneventful and positions didn't change so the end result was second overall and mission accomplished with finishing first to take the V35 gold medal in the BMAF Champs.  The highlight of the race for me though was being able to scoop up both the boys and cross the finish with Theo and Zack!  Luckily there was somebody from Ashbourne Running Club with a camera at the finish line who managed to capture the moment for us!







A family holiday now in sunny Cyprus and some "warm" weather training to look forwards to!!

This weeks training (click here for the link to my Strava profile)

  am pm
Monday 40 minutes heart rate run 40 minutes heart rate run
Tuesday 40 minutes heart rate run

Notts AC Club Session

5 x 1k with diminishing recoveries

Wednesday 40 minutes heart rate run 40 minutes heart rate run

Ramp Session (Treadmill)

4 x 3 min ramps with 7 min recovery

40 minutes heart rate run
Friday 40 minutes easy run 40 minutes easy run
Saturday 50 minutes easy run including strides -

BMAF Half Marathon Championships

Ashbourne Half Marathon


40 minutes heart rate (treadmill)

Total weekly mileage:- 93.2 miles