So you've signed up for one of the biggest and best sporting events in the area (according to the website anyway!)....the Lichfield 10k. Better get some training in! Training for a 10k forms a good foundation of running fitness, with a regular routine that can be adapted for different events and goals. 

Where to start? Searching on the internet brings up lots of plans for different levels and target times. 

My Asics provides you with a free personalised plan based on your age, gender, current running performance and desired frequency and intensity of training. It helps you set an achievable goal, structure your training, gradually increase your capacity and track your progress. 

The My Asics plan takes you through the following phases:

  • preconditioning
  • getting faster
  • race simulation
  • race preparation

not forgetting the all important recovery phase after the event. 

It's equally useful for an experienced runner aiming to shave a few seconds off a pb and a beginner who just wants to get round without too many tears, and everyone in between!