This week I seem to be into all things red, rather seasonal too for the cold weather. Warming soups; tomato, red pepper and red lentil, or wholemeal pitta pockets stuffed with homemade hummus, roasted red peppers and tomatoes are on my menu. These delicious lunch ideas keep me warm and motivated. I seem to be starving hungry after my morning exercise so need to eat something nourishing and quick for lunch to avoid the mid-afternoon slump…..or my daughter’s chocolate stash!

Tomatoes are full of lycopene, even better for you when cooked. Lycopene is believed to help with cancer prevention, and is especially good for the boys in the fight against prostate cancer. Tomatoes and peppers are high in vitamin C which helps to mop up those post exercise free radicals. Lentils provide a useful source of protein, important for building muscle and post exercise repair.

Eat up your reds!