Many of us have watched the celebrities struggle on “Sugar Free Farm”, maybe even thought that we need to cut sugar completely from our diets.  It is true that most of us consume far too much sugar, it is not necessary and an excess is a contributing factor to obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.  From a nutritionist’s point of view, no food is “bad”, however, anything in excess is detrimental to our health.  Sugar is added to practically everything by the food industry and we would all benefit from cutting down on our intake.  For adults, the daily recommended maximum sugar intake is 7 teaspoons.  A can of fizzy drink often contains in excess of this amount.  Sugary breakfast cereals are also a culprit, and beware of cereal bars and breakfast biscuits.  Often these contain a whole heap of added sugar that we just don’t need.  In fact, too much sugar can make us fat and unfit.  Everything in moderation, stick to the recommended guidelines.  Cutting out sugar completely is difficult and unnecessary, cutting down is desirable and a more achievable option.

If you would like to know more about sugar, sign up for my nutrition workshops starting 21 February 2017 at Running Form. We will be looking at how to identify sugar on food labelling and the worst culprits for added sugar, as well as what constitutes a healthy diet and tips for cutting down your sugar intake. Yummy recipes will be available too. No need to visit “Sugar Free Farm”!

Please email to reserve a place.  The course will run for 6 weeks and costs £48 (£8 per session).  I look forward to meeting you all.