Another decent seven days of marathon training this week, culminating with the Midland 12 Stage Relays for Notts. 

With racing at the weekend it meant trying to fit my long run in during the week.  Fortunately I was able to get out early on Wednesday morning for my long run and maximise my recovery before the relays on Saturday.  Thursday morning I decided to "treat" myself to some R&R at Clifford Health Spa followed by a sports massage, which always helps sort my legs out!

The Midland 12 Stage Relays is a great event that's held at Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield.  I missed last years race due to illness but managed to recover in time to run at the Nationals, which are held at the same venue.  After receiving the email of the team confirmation and running order I was surprised to be given the lead leg for the A team, which meant I was running a "long leg" of 5.38 miles.  I hadn't ran a long leg since racing for my old club Hermitage Harriers in 2015 but with marathon training in my legs I was more comfortable with the long leg instead of the "short leg" which is 3.165 miles.  Also the main aim was not to lose site of the leaders so that I could keep the team in the hunt for medals.  With the other three guys on the long legs all being quicker than me I didn't want to slow them down too much!!  

For the race itself I was eager not to go off to quick and pay the price for it towards the end.  After settling into what felt like a comfortable pace during the first mile I found myself quite a way back from the lead.  I was in a pack of around 8 or 9 other runners who had already dropped off the lead pack of 6, which had quickly separated into a lead pack of 3 and a chasing 3.  After reaching the top of the main climb of the course I decided to push on and targeted the 3 guys in front. 

I eventually managed to reel 2 of them in but had company with some of the guys from the original group I was in.  The race route then takes you down a long decent to turn around a cone and come back on yourself.  On the ascent I'd tried pushing on again and by this time I was sitting in 5th place, with quite a gap between myself and 4th place.  With two guys sat on my shoulder I tried to push on and gave chase to 4th place. 

As it happened the gap neither shortened or lengthened and I managed to hold off the others to cross the line in 27:21 and hand over in 5th place to Dougie Musson, who incidentally ran the fastest long leg of the day (25:59!!).  He closed down the guys in front and handed over in the lead.  I'd like to think I helped him out by giving him targets to chase!!!  I wont go through all 12 legs of the race but as a team we crossed the line in third place, and a Midland bronze medal to add to the healthy collection of medals I've received during my short time at the club.

With Saturday being an all day event, I was keen to make sure we didn't miss out on the important family time over the weekend.  This week it involved a trip to Conkers in Moira and both the boys had a great time and luckily we never did find the troll as we were trip trapping over his bridge!

I'm pretty sure we'll be returning again in the not too distant future! 




This weeks training - another decent mileage week under my belt!

  am pm
Monday Recovery 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes
Tuesday Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes

Long Run

2:30 was planned at a comfortable pace.  I settled into 6:10-6:20 pace but after misjudging the distance I was still 10 minutes from home at the end of my run. 

I couldn't face the long walk so it was easier to keep running so ended up running 2 hours and forty minutes BUT more importantly at this stage, no issues to report!

Thursday Recovery 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes Treadmill
Friday Recovery 40 minutes 30 minutes pre-race loosen up

Midland 12 Stage Relays

Lead leg for the A team - ran 27:21 for 5.38 miles to hand over in 5th

Recovery 40 minutes
Sunday Easy 70 minutes Recovery 40 minutes

Total Mileage for the week - 101.3 miles