May has been a quiet month, with the focus being on some much needed post marathon R & R.  This was interrupted with an attempt to race at the Bosworth Half Marathon.  With it only being two weeks after London I was fully aware I shouldn't have attempted to race but the temptation of a free entry as part of my prize from 2018 was too appealing.  It wasn't a wise choice to race it and it certainly wasn't pretty! Despite gaining a comfortable lead I was flagging from mile 7 and some how managed to keep going but eventually lost the lead in the last mile of the race to finish in second place.  Another risky choice to race and this time it didn't pay off! 

It wasn't all bad though as I did pick up a silver medal as the race was the Leicestershire Half Marathon Championships.  Theo had a much more enjoyable run with taking part in the kids 1 mile race and was insistent on wearing his Dracula outfit to also take part in the fancy dress competition, which unbelievably he didn't win! 

Some much needed downtime to focus on recovery followed and rather than running I've been swimming and aqua jogging to try and maintain some fitness whilst giving my legs a rest from the constant pounding of running.  I've also been able to do a bit of celeb spotting around the Loughborough Uni campus, with Andrew Butchart flying round the roads, and also sharing the same aqua jogging lane as Asha Philip!  It has also given me an opportunity to get a niggling injury sorted and a trip to visit Laura at Physio Form did the trick.  

Running Form also hosted an On Running demo evening on May 17th, and I was invited to take part in the event with a Q&A session about my running.  There was a decent turnout for what was a fab event with plenty of people taking up the opportunity to trial the great shoes by On.  I was also lucky enough to model some of the On running apparel that is now being stocked at Running Form, and I have to say the running kit is awesome!  Very very lightweight, and extremely comfortable to run in, I can certainly recommend it and I'm looking forward to racing in one of the On vests in the near future!

The personal highlight of the month though was our family holiday to Majorca over half term.  We'd told the boys a little white lie that we were going to the airport to look at the planes but the penny soon dropped when I was pulling our suitcases out of the car.  Theo and Zack's reaction was priceless!  I'd intentionally left my running kit at home to get a full weeks rest, from running at least, and despite the weather we had a great time!

Back to reality now though and trying to undo the damage of the all inclusive buffet with a few weeks of easy running before the marathon build up starts again in July.