As expected for the National 6 Stage Relays I was in the B team as we had a strong A team available but regardless of which team I was in I was still keen to run well.  After the stress of arriving late at the Midlands and missing a decent warm up, I allowed plenty of time for travelling over and getting into the car park.  As it happened I hadn’t read the club email fully with the start of the National relays being at 2pm and not 1:15pm as the Midlands did but I was also on the 4th leg and not the 3rd leg so in fact I had more than enough time for warm up this time round!

I also made a conscious effort to ignore my watch and just “race” my leg, targeting the guys in front of me one by one and try to get by them, the same approach planned for Peterborough.  As it happened I was able to pull back four places for the team knock 16 seconds off the time I’d ran at the Midlands two weeks earlier crossing the line in 18:44.  I was more than happy with that but what was pleasing was the fact I felt I could have still gone quicker!

Fast forward a week and it’s the eve of Peterborough Half Marathon.  I’m lucky enough to have a very understanding wife who agreed to me staying over on my own the night before the race and left her at home to deal with both our boys.  Judging by the journey I had over it wouldn’t have done me any favours travelling over on the morning of race!  I am however looking forward to a decent night sleep after a busy weeks work and early morning wake ups to fit my training in!

This week has mainly been focused on recovery with a final tune up session on Wednesday allowing plenty of time for my legs to feel fresh come race day. 

Training for this week;

Monday      - 10 miles at aerobic effort (5:50-6min/mile) – felt slightly harder than normal but not surprising as likely to have the effects of the relays lingering in my legs

Tuesday      - am – 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.3 miles)

                   - pm – 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.3 miles)

Wednesday - am - 3 miles warm up, 6 miles at target race pace (5:15’s), 1 mile cool down.  I Decided to run this on the treadmill to keep my legs turning over at targeting pace.

                    - pm 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.1 miles)

Thursday     - am – 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.6 miles)

                    - pm – 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.8 miles on the treadmill)

Thursday night I managed to get a pre-race Sports Massage.  I always try to get a decent massage on the Thursday before a Sunday race to “loosen up” areas of tension in my legs.  This week appeared to be all over so plenty of gasps and breathing like a lady in labour!!

Friday          -  am – 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.2 miles)

                     - pm – 40 minutes at recovery heart rate (5.8 miles on the treadmill)

Saturday       - am - Pre-Race Sharpener (3 mile progression run followed by 10 strides, 4.1 miles)

                      - pm – easy heart rate run around Peterborough to locate the start for the race (3.3 miles

Total miles for the week prior to race 65.5 miles and feeling ready to go out all guns blazing in the morning for the race and my Midlands team debut!  Race report to follow………



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