The Rugeley 10 mile race is a challenging undulating loop with an ascending first 8 miles followed by 2 miles of descent to the finish line.  Having finishing first in 2018 I was looking forward to defending my title and after a decent week of training I was confident of putting in a good performance.  I was optimistic that my own course record was under threat.  As it turned out I finished a frustrating 33 seconds slower this year but nonetheless it was a pleasing first place finish again.  After looking for reasons/excuses for running slower this year, it was possibly down to numerous factors but can say it was most likely to overindulging.  Marathon training and becoming rungry, old habits die hard!  What's disappointing is that I've been working hard on sorting my nutrition out this year to let it slip over recent weeks.  It was definitely the wake up call I needed though to get myself back on track, and I’ll just have to return again in 2020 to have another crack at breaking the course record!

Marathon training continues to go well.  There's been a couple of challenging key sessions this week and I’ve managed to come through both of these unscathed ready to face another tough week ahead.  It was also nice to tip over 100 miles again for another solid week of training in the bank.

MONDAY Easy 40 minutes  Easy 40 minutes
TUESDAY Easy 40 minutes  Easy 40 minutes
WEDNESDAY Long Run 2:45/Full Marathon Distance  

An opportunity to practice my new fuelling strategy devised using  The new strategy seemed to work as I felt comfortable throughout, completing the full marathon distance during the duration of my long run.  Only time will tell how successfully this new strategy will be implemented come race day at a planned faster pace!

THURSDAY Recovery 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes
FRIDAY Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes
SATURDAY Ramp Session Recovery 40 minutes

20 minute warm up, 3 x (6 minutes gradual pace increase,14 minutes easy)

SUNDAY Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes
MILES FOR THE WEEK 101.7 miles  

With only two weeks now until The Big Half, which is part of build-up for London, marathon day is also ebbing its way closer and closer.  The Big Half should hopefully give more of indication of what shape I’m in as I go into the final phases of training before the big day.

This Weeks Training is listed below;