Running for me is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.  Pretty much every time I've trained for a marathon I go through a tough patch at and around eight weeks out from the race itself.  I call this The Eight Week Wobble!  I'm not exactly sure whether it's the accumulation of churning out the miles, early morning sessions, lack of sleep, constantly trying to find the balance and juggle training with work and family life, or a combination of all of the above but this year has been particularly tough.  I generally use my time running to go over things in my mind and normally come home in a much better mood than when I started.  Being a typical bloke I don't tend to talk about things and tend to become slightly withdrawn, which is never good.  Fortunately I've come through the other side and divorce papers haven't been issued!!  As for The Eight Week Wobble, the way I tend to overcome it is the only way I know how, knuckle down, stay positive, keep believing and continue to churn out the miles! 

With the unseasonably warm weather it's been great to enjoy some sunshine and top up my Vitamin D levels during what felt like warm weather training!  Some early finishes at work have also meant I've been able to enjoy some valuable family time.  Mostly spent in the garden trying to teach Theo how to ride a bike, and the odd game of Hide & Seek.  Turns out that the boys are better at hiding than seeking as they had to get mummy to help come and find me!  

By far and away the biggest news on the internet this week has been the release of the latest shoe from On Running, the Cloudswift.  After being teased through social media channels for what seemed like months, the long anticipated release was on Thursday 28th February.  With being a avid lover of On shoes I cannot wait to take a pair of these for a test drive and was quick to place an order with Phil at Running Form once the Cloudswift was launched.  As always, the team at On never cease to amaze and with the Cloudswift I'm sure they will not fail to impress!  I'll be writing a shoe review once I've got my feet in a pair!


It's now only a matter of days until The Big Half, race day is fast approaching and I'm looking forward to the trip to London.  The half marathon should hopefully give a good indication of what kind of condition I'm in as I head in to the last seven weeks of marathon training.  Training is going well and the tough sessions continue to come thick and fast.  At this stage now the key is to stay fit, healthy and injury free!  There's been a lot of easy miles, which is fairly typical with some key sessions including shorter, sharp reps this week to try and get things moving!  It was also good to get another 100+ mile week in the bank.  I have a cut back week now to look forward to and hopefully go into The Big Half next Sunday with some freshness in my legs.

  am pm
MONDAY Easy 40 minutes

Overspeed reps

5 mile w/u

5 x 250m downhill with jog back recovery

2 mile c/d

Haven't had any overspeed sessions for a while so I was glad to get this short and sharp session under my belt.  Trying to fire up some fast twitch fibres!

TUESDAY Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes

1k Reps

15 minute w/u

12 x 1k reps (3:09) with 2 minute recoveries 

10 minute c/d

Decided to run this session on the treadmill for consistency and maintain leg turnover.  Warm up and cool down were both ran on the road as 90 minutes on a treadmill is mind-numbing!! Felt strong throughout the session which is encouraging!

Recovery 40 minutes
THURSDAY Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes
FRIDAY Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes
SATURDAY Easy 40 minutes Easy 40 minutes

Long Run (incorporating 7 x 1 mile at half marathon pace with 0.5 mile easy.)

15.5 miles in total

Recovery 40 minutes

Total miles for the week: 101.1

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