The Mile


Marathon talk last year created an event called The Magic Mile where participants registered, and then could log their mile time with them to be entered into a competition, no prizes, just for pride!  There was a lot of buzz around this event last year and it really fuelled the start of lots of talk around running a Mile.  The Mile race has also been re-established with the Bupa Westminster Mile race next held on 29th May 2016 and now Nike are getting in on the act holding their own Nike+ Running Challenge 

But what's with the 1 Mile Race?

Exactly 1,609.344 Metres it is officially classed by the IAAF as a Middle distance race. The Mile originated in England and was mainly used as participation for gambling, but during the 1950's the athletes were all fighting for the holy grail of being the first to run a sub 4-minute mile.  The current World Record is held by Hicham El Guerrouj with 3:43.13 and the women's record is held by Russian Svetlana Masterkova in a time of 4:12.56.

The Mile Race still remains a historic favourite as it is the only remaining Imperial measured race that is officially recognised worldwide, so yes it's a big deal! It's also a race that can be achieved by many, but mastered by just a few so holds great potential for mass participation throughout the world today.  Keep an eye out for a 1 Mile race near you!