Yoga is back!!


Due to popular demand we are hosting Yoga classes again!  Vanessa is a keen runner and has gained lots of experience in Australia and London and we're really proud to have her running the classes from Running Form.  


Vinyassa Flow Yoga is the type Vanessa specialises in which is a really active workout that keeps the blood circulating and gives you a real challenge throughout.  The class here will be specifically aimed at athletes of all levels as we are notoriously lazy at doing core, glutes and flexibility work!!!  The class will work on strength, mobility, flexibility and mental relaxation, it's tough to the core but open for all abilities!!  The classes are mixed, so don't be afraid of getting involved lads! There is limited number of spaces per class which means that you aren't going to be lost at the back of the class wondering what the heck is going on, full guidance is assured throughout.  


You can view classes and book online on Vanessa's website and even book a block of 6 or 12 sessions where discounts are available.  It is worth noting that when block booking you have the flexibility to book into any class and not just 6 sessions fixed, it can be any time!  We look forward to seeing you soon!!!