We'll Meet Again...

lockdown training summary

Is It 11 O'Clock Yet?

Life during lockdown

Returning to running after pregnancy

This post takes a little look at my journey back to running after having two children and having been diagnosed with diastasis recti.

Exercise During Corona Virus

You can leave the house to exercise but stay at least 2 metres away from other people. Running or cycling are perfect provided you're not in a group

The Alsager 5

Starting The Year Off With a Bang!

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The Tale of Robin Hood

The Power of The Mind

Managing the Load

Fun in The Sun

A busy summer

BMAF V35 Half Marathon Gold

All about the vests

Back to Routine

The Month of May


If the vest fits....

Breaking 2:30

A Mothers Day Pass Out

The Midland 12 Stage Relays 2019

Recover and Prepare

I Made It On The Telly!!

The Eight Week Wobble

The Return to Rugeley

Charnwood Hills Race Report

The Road to London Begins...

New Year, New Targets

How do I choose the best running shoes?

Pronation, Gait Analysis what does it all mean? How can I buy the perfect running shoes.

Finishing The Year on a High

Now Pass Me The Cake!!!

The Nationals and The Build Up to Peterborough

A Relay and A Half

Quick update

A Hat-Trick of Wins and A Couple of PB's

A Tale of Two Halfs

Lichfield half marathon and Bosworth half marathon (including the Leicestershire County Championships)

The Highs and Lows

Post sub 70 high followed by a bout of illness

The Comeback

The return from injury, aiming to come back with a bang....

The Big One

The inaugural race of The Vitality Big Half

Warm welcome to our new store ambassador

We are delighted to formally announce Anthony Woodward (Tony) as an ambassador to Running Form. Tony is a great local runner who we are helping to support his running journey, and in return he will be posting a regular blog detailing his training, racing, results wins and fails!


New Year Nutrition

Lichfield 10K Pre race day check list

Dont leave it to the morning of the race to get yourself ready. Get everything sorted the day before and you will be relaxed and give yourself the best chance of a great race!

Lichfield 10K Plan the Perfect Race

Planning is everything...

Lichfield 10K Negative Splits

Are you ready for a negative split? not some sort of weird gymnastic manoeuvre but an approved way of running a better race.

Lichfield 10K Threshold Training

Wondering what threshold training is? Worried about running too many 'junk miles'? Here are some pointers to threshold training and training efficiently.

Lichfield-10k Essentials of Running (Part 3) Running Shoes

A strong body, efficient running form, and good shoes all add up to faster and injury free running. Here are some thoughts on running shoes.

Running Form Summer Sizzle

Lichfield-10k Essentials of Running (Part 2) Running Form

A strong body, efficient running form, and good shoes all add up to faster and injury free running. Do you run like a gazelle or like Phoebe from Friends?...Here are some tips to get you started on running form.

Lichfield 10k Essentials of Running (Part 1) Strength Training

A strong body, efficient running form, and good shoes all add up to faster and injury free running. Here are some tips to get you started on strength training.

Lichfield 10k Training Plan

So you've signed up for one of the biggest and best sporting events in the area....the Lichfield 10k. Better get some training in! Training for a 10k forms a good foundation of running fitness, with a regular routine that can be adapted for different events and goals. Looking for a training plan? Here's a suggestion where to start.

Lichfield 10k Are you ready for running?

Getting started, you need a good baseline of strength and flexibility. Here are some quick checks and top tips for getting into running.

Running in the heat

As we run harder and exercise at high intensity, we sweat more, our bodies find is less easy to manage fluid passing from the stomach into the blood and we tend to lose our focus on drinking. Over-heating and losing excess fluid may lead to dehydration as the body needs a good fluid balance to function properly. Here are some top tips for training in hot weather.

Marathon training tips

The three magic bullets approach helps your marathon training improve in quality not just quantity.

Essential equipment - Sports bra

High-impact exercise, such as running, places tension on the supporting structures of the breast, which can result in pain, and less efficient running style. Exercising in a well-fitted sports bra to protect your breasts is just as important as running in the right type of trainers. Like running shoes, sports bras should be replaced every 6 - 12 months to perform at their best.

Cadence and Running Form

Want to run faster and get a new pb? Have you considered cadence? It’s a good indicator of running form. The shorter your stride length and the quicker your stride rate, the faster and better you run.

Yoga is back

Increase Core & Glute Strength, Mobility and increase everyday wellbeing and relaxation. Men and Women of any ability are welcome, go on give it a try!

Buying Running Kit

Unsure what kit to buy and where?? Read this article written by one of our new customers, it's an interesting read!

Monday 17th - Friday 21st August

The shop will be closed for 5 days in August, please read here for more details.

What's up with a Mile race?

There seems to be lots of focus on 1 Mile events and challenges over the last year or so, read more here to find out what they're all about.

Burton 10K

The Hatton Darts 10K race in August is looming!

Brooks Aurora

A limited edition colourway of this legendary shoe launched!

Burton Mail Business Awards 2014

Running Form selected as a finalist in the Burton Mail Business Awards

Lichfield 10K 2014

Running Form proudly supported Lichfield Running Club at their 10K race again...

Run In The Forest 2014 Photographs

Some cheeky snaps from the BDSL Race at Conkers

Easter Opening Hours

Running Form opening hours during Easter

Runners Tummy

Interesting article on runners tummy in AW, what to and not to eat to prevent stomach cramping...

Run Snaps Competition

Send us your run snaps for a chance to win one of our monthly prizes!