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Warm up your winter running on dark evenings and frosty mornings with the cosy, high performance Asics Leg Balance Winter Tights. Complete with insulation, support and an inside pocket, these tights will help you to keep going throughout the winter. Support your back, knees, quads and calves in this tight fit, full length ASICS Leg Balance Tight, designed to support your waist, lower back and legs. Breathable MotionDry fabric technology keeps sweat away from your skin, whilst Core Balance highly elasticised panels at the waist and lower back help improve posture and movement. Leg Balance technology features highly elasticised panels at the thigh and sides, which helps to cushion your knees and reduce muscle fatigue. Reflectivity helps you stay safe and seen. Core Balance is a technology focused on pelvic movement. The powerful elastic Core Balance belt aligns the pelvis vertically and provides stability, ensuring correct posture during movement and assisting the activity of the muscles in the pelvic region. Core Balance technology therefore facilitates a more efficient running performance by improving running speed without an increase in effort and creating a more effortless running motion. The Leg Balance technology incorporated within the running tights provides extra leg support to stabilise the upper leg and decrease thigh vibrations. This in turn keeps the leg in a better biomechanical position and reduces the onset of fatigue, as well as risk of injury. These tights also feature reflective elements to keep you illuminated whilst training in low light, which will help to keep you safe during the winter.