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Meglio Latex-free exercise bands can be used by individuals for rehabilitation or improving fitness by enhancing strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Our 1.2m & 2m resistance bands are a stylish, portable and extremely versatile product. They weigh less than a smartphone and easily fit into your gym bag - allowing you to enhance your workout, wherever you are. 

As with all Meglio products, our exercise bands are created to the highest standard, making them first choice for at-home rehab and training, as well as a prescription product to patients.

Our resistance bands are designed with premium quality, non-toxic, Latex-free material, powderless, odourless and soft on sensitive skin making it widely recommended by professional Physiotherapists and fitness experts.

Meglio Resistance bands benefit from a textured surface compared to the smooth latex models, this offers a better grip while exercising to avoid accidental slips in wet and sweaty conditions.

The versatility of our bands mean they can be used in a variety of ways dependent on your personal goals. Suitable for Yoga, Pilates, core fitness and rehabilitation they can help with flexibility or to help you recover from an injury


Meglio Latex Free Resistance Bands boast proven performance, variability, and quality material to help you achieve your fitness, physiotherapy and rehabilitation goals. Available for both fitness and physiotherapy-based exercises, a huge variety of moves and motions can be performed to help improve strength, flexibility, muscle tone and core strength.