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The Mizuno Breath Thermo womens hoody is a perfect top to keep you warm from Autumn through to Spring. Mizuno Breath Thermo garments are warm and lightweight due to the unique Breath Thermo Fibres. The body naturally emits moisture all the time (even when we aren't warm enough to sweat!) When this moisture comes in contact with the Breath Thermo fibres they react and contrict, and when they do, the create friction between each other and this generates heat! Therefore giving great warmth in a thin lightweight garment.


  • Breath Thermo Fabric
  • Pony tail hole with reflective trim
  • Lock-down zip so that it does tap on your chest or rub
  • Thumb holes to keep the backs of your hands warm
  • Reflective detail logos
  • Clover pattern detailing on the back
  • Open weave fabric under the arms offers greater breathability