Toesox Lightweight Ankle White

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ULTRA Sport ToeSox with Perf Dry™ moisture management are engineered to help your feet power through and stay dry throughout. ToeSox toe socks promote five toe natural movement so toes can function, even in shoes. Five toe natural movement improves balance and agility for the ultimate performance.

Perf Dry™ moisture management system is a performance drying technology using channelled synthetic fibres to pull moisture away from skin for fast evaporation.

Aligns toes and bones in feet for optimal performance in athletic shoes.  The right weight for all sports to keep feet dry and regulate foot temperature.  Ideal for running, long distance walking, and sports.

    - Vector heel for optimal fit

    - Arch band to support

    - Secure welt band

    - Performance drying technology using Perf DryTM moisture management system