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Ultimate Performance Elastic Knee Stabiliser with Springs

If you suffer from knee instability and pain, try the Ultimate Performance Elastic Knee Stabiliser with Springs. Providing lightweight and firm support, the stabiliser utilises steel springs and an open patella to relieve pressure without loss of movement. 

Features and Benefits of the Elastic Knee Stabiliser with Springs

  • Support Level 2 - Provides moderate level support to the knee
  • Steel springs that provide stability without loss of movement
  • Open patella relieves pressure and improves patella tracking
  • Lightweight design allows for freedom of movement
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Sold individually as a single unit

What Conditions Does the Knee Stabiliser Alleviate?

  • Weak, stiff or aching knees
  • Mild strains
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis

How Do I Apply the Knee Stabiliser?

  1. Simply pull on the support
  2. Ensure the patella opening is centred around the kneecap
  3. And away you go!

What Size Should I Choose?

The Ultimate Performance Elastic Knee Stabiliser with Springs is available in 2 sizes: Regular and Large. Measure around the centre of the knee and please refer to the chart below:

Size of Knee Stabiliser Circumference of the Knee (cm)
Regular 30 - 40cm
Large 40 - 50cm